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Upside Foods x Bar Crenn

Bar Crenn is proud to be the only restaurant in the world serving UPSIDE Foods’ cultivated chicken. In 2018, because of the impact of factory farming on animals and the planet, we made the decision to take meat off our menu. A meal does not start and end at the table; where our ingredients come from is just as important as the dishes we make with them.  To us, flavor is crucial. But the ingredients also stand for something.

Years later, we are thrilled to bring meat back to our menu with a partner that shares our values and ingredient standards. We’ve 
partnered with UPSIDE Foods — the world leader in cultivated meat – who makes real chicken directly from animal cells, without the need to raise animals.

This is a real step forward in building a more abundant and sustainable future:
saving animal lives, saving our planet, and preserving our food traditions.

The future of meat is here, quite literally. And we welcome you to join us to take a bite of the future.

Certified Plastic Free

As a true commitment to protect our planet, we are certified as a Plastic Free establishment. This means that we have removed single use plastics from our restaurant and we are the first restaurant in the United States to do so.

We work closely with all of our vendors to educate them on their use of plastics and their impact on the planet. In addition, our staff are continually trained on our strict standards of recycling and our plastic-free future. It is our hope to inspire the movement to have plastics removed from our industry altogether.

As part of our continual commitment, we pledge to be ambassadors for this movement, to share the invaluable knowledge we have gained during the plastic free-certification process and to guide others along the same path. To learn more about how your establishment can become plastic free please email us directly or visit