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Bar Crenn is where music, food and merriment come 
together in a magical dance, inviting you to be part of the 
celebration. Created by renowned Chef Dominique Crenn, Bar Crenn is a place where locals and visitors alike gather to experience innovative food, discover rare and vintage tunes, spirits and wines, and immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of our beloved city and state.

Our Cocktail List
 Our classic drinks list includes renowned regional favorites fused with hyper-local ingredients and flavors. Our cocktail list is where you will find the creativity that Crenn is known for - showcasing innovative techniques, unique spirit blends and expert craftsmanship.

Our Menu
The Lounge
redefines the art of bar snacking, ensuring every moment is a celebration of culinary excellence and local, sustainable ingredients.

Le Comptoir
a 1-star Michelin Californian Omakase menu - a multi-course, interactive experience with our chef team, live at the counter.

Our Music
caters to our guests. Peruse our expansive collection of vinyls and ask our bartender to put your record on.

Our Events
include collaborations with local wineries, breweries and distilleries, and guest appearances from well-known mixologists.